Managment Team

Passion for aquaculture

CEO & Co-founder

Geraldine Mlynarz

Agricultural engineer with a keen interest in aquaculture. In 1997 co-founded Diagnotec S.A., Chilean biotechnological company, which was later acquired by the Andromaco-Grunenthal group. Since 2011, she is the co-founder and CEO of ActivaQ S.A., her second biotechnology company. Currently, she is also the CEO of ICTIO Biotechnologies, a Biotechnological Consortium created in 2014 that aims at researching and developing novel solutions for preventing and controlling diseases in aquaculture. She has received many international awards related to entrepreneurship and is the present President of WeAmericas Association, a network of entrepreneurs and businesswomen in Latin American and the Caribbean created in 2012.

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder

Mario Tello

PhD in Biochemistry. He has worked with microorganisms of biotechnological potential as C. subvermispora for biopulping, E. coli strains able to produce molecules with antibiotic properties and A. ferrooxidans for bioleaching. Currently, he is the Principal Investigator of the Metagenomic Laboratory in CBA-USACH and his laboratory is focused on studying how microorganisms interact with salmonids. Dr Tello aims to identify new therapeutic approaches to prevent infectious diseases that affect salmon farming and is particularly interested in using probiotic bacteria as immunostimulants.

Camila Wilkens

Technology Transfer Coordinator: Biotechnology Engineer, Master and PhD Chemical Engineering from the University of Chile. She has research experience, particularly in cell culture, metabolic engineering, genetic engineering, tissue engineering, and biomedicine. She also has experience in R&D project management, intellectual property, technology transfer and preparing projects for applications to public funds. She has worked in Chilean biotech companies supporting the different stages of product development, value creation and marketing strategies.

Debbie Weinstein

CFO: Commercial Engineer with a master’s degree in Financial Economics who, over 24 years of work experience, has held various positions in different types of institutions: public and private; financial and services. The positions he has held have involved the development of functions, such as: management control, process optimization, strategic planning, statistical analyses and projections, conduct sensitivity analysis, preparation of reports and study documents. At IctioBiotic she has overseen budget management and the financial statements required by both public and private contributions, ensuring the correct use of human and financial resources.